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Description: A double-acting O-Ring energized seal, the Turcon® AQ Seal® is suitable for sealing between two media such as fluid and gas. It consists of a Turcon® ring and an X-ring or Quad-Ring® …

There is no one analyst in which a Quantitative Star Rating and Fair Value Estimate is attributed to; however, Mr. Lee Davidson, Head of Quantitative Research for Morningstar, Inc., is responsible …

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Gerard Perrier Industrie is a france-based holding company that provides electrical and electronic automation solutions to industry including design and manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Quote From An Electrician Near 77278 Studies could lead to development of next-generation targeted devices to effectively treat chronic pain- Stage I research programs designed … Find An Electrician Near Me 52310 Many of the changes needed to get us on the right climate path are going to meet with resistance, but it’s beginning to look … Quote From An Electrician Near 34210 Get electrician quotes 77267 electrician Repairs Lispole Kerry : Need electric repairs? Get